LRS an idea for 2017

2017 is full of opportunities for Energy Managers to make a difference. As legislation is being simplified, the role the energy manager is moving towards energy and carbon reduction and away from compliance. This is great news as it means less paperwork and more time to work on investments …….…Well almost! There is a problem that needs to be addressed.


In our discussions with HM’s Government in 2016 it was apparent that it saw a problem in that the market is resistant to making longer term energy reduction investments (5+ years). And unless it can help address this issue, we Energy Managers will continue to be constrained in our long term effectiveness.


So what could Government do to help overcome this resistance? With this challenge in mind the GAIA Energy Clubs debated and came up with an idea, which we’ve called the Levy Rebate Scheme (LRS). Watch the video to find out more and have your say.

ESOS  - Mind the incentive gap

Click on the image to watch our mini video explaining the four core needs post ESOS suggested by Energy Club members.

We are now racing to submit those ESOS reports to the Board and informing the Environment Agency that we’re compliant. Energy finally has its moment in the spotlight. Now the question is, will it drive investments?


The current Treasury Energy Tax Consultation is looking at incentives to make us act, but those outcomes could emerge long after our ESOS reports are filed and forgotten. So what do we need to do to drive investments in the short term while we wait for HMG to decide? Well, feedback from the Energy Clubs is pointing towards four core needs. There may be more so feel free to make suggestion in the comments panel below. We welcome contributions from EnergyClub members and non-members.

HM Treasury Energy Tax Consultation - What do you want?

Click the image to watch our mini video explaining three ingredients to make carbon legislation work.

Haydn Young (Head of Energy Clubs) outlines about the three key ingredients needed to make future energy and carbon legislation drive better productivity. The ideas have been drawn from EnergyClub meetings.


Please watch the video and let us know you views and suggestions to improve and we'll include in our consultation response. We welcome contributions from EnergyClub members and non-members.

Energy Saving Initiative (ESI)

The Energy Saving Initiative is an idea that came from suggestions from Energy Club members, on how to use the money from the CRC to stimulate the green economy, reduce the UK's energy consumption and help the country reduce it's fiscal deficit.

Click the image to watch our mini video explaining the ESI idea.

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