Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend?

Practitoners of energy reduction in workplaces who consume £1/2m of energy p/a in their estate OR feature in the Carbon Reduction Commitment, new Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) or equivalent scheme.


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Can energy suppliers or solution providers attend?

No. The Energy Club is for end users of energy only. If members want to discuss supplier offerings they will invite suppliers to take a presentation slot.


How you manage to keep the meetings FREE?

The meetings are kept FREE because the host provides the room, tea and coffee. The website, administrative support, promotion, legislative input and facilitation is provided by GAIA (GAIA Active Ltd). 


When are meetings held?

Meetings usually are held quarterly. They last approximately 2 hours, starting around 8.30am or in the afternoon from 2pm.


Do meetings only talk about energy issues?

No. The clubs' underlying interests lie in sustainability and the environment. Clubs debate a variety of topics based on these themes of which energy reduction is a significant one.


Do I need commit to attend every meeting?

No. However for continuity, we recommend that you provide a stand-in if you are unable attend a particular meeting.


Do outside speakers attend?

Occasionally a club will request a subject matter expert to present to the members during a meeting. 


Can I just turn up on the day?

No. All must sign up and register to inform the host of members in advance.


Can I attend any club?

Yes, subject to places being available. Some clubs can get busy and limit numbers.


How do I Sign Up?

Go to the 'Register' page, choose the location and register. 

Want an Energy Club in your area?

Find out how by contacting us at:


The Energy Club

c/o GAIA Active Limited

Office 11 - 1C Uppingham Gate, Ayston Road,



LE15 9NY


Tel: 01572 729512


Or use our online form.

The UK Energy Club network is managed by the energy training and consulting business GAIA.

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